Get Connected

Reliable high-speed Internet. Friendly local service. No hidden fees. It’s that simple.

We keep things simple. Get connected to the Swift Internet network today.

Step 1) You call us, choose a package online or come visit the Swift Office

Step 2) We help you to select a package that is right for you and set up an appointment for on-site service.

Step 3) Our expert technician visits your home or business and lays out and installation plan. You give the thumbs up and we follow that plan. An antenna is installed on the outside of your home or business. A cable is run into the building where a modem or wireless router is installed to provide Wifi. We complete the install with precision, as quickly as we are able.

Step 4) We train you to operate and troubleshoot your Wifi.

Step 5) We follow up to confirm your satisfaction!

We are upgrading the whole Swift network to new leading-edge technology. Find out what packages are available in your community!

The Speeds You Need

We don’t oversell. We help you find the package you actually need. Then we keep you connected at or above the speeds you pay for.

The Support You Deserve

Our customers are our friends and neighbours. We genuinely care about optimizing your Internet experience.

Free Installation

Swift covers the cost of installation. All we ask is the first month’s payment in advance.

Free Equipment

Swift covers the cost of the equipment used at your home. No upfront expenses. No monthly rental fees.

Reliable & Secure

The Swift network isn’t managed from some far away city. Creston Valley experts work around the clock to keep you securely connected.

Unlimited Data

Forget about data caps. Forget about overage fees. With Swift you never have to worry about running out of data or racking up your bill.

No Contract Minimums

We know that loyalty goes both ways. We don’t lock our customers into long service contracts.We earn your business.

No Hidden Fees

We are here to serve our community. Providing friendly affordable service is at the heart of how we do business.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my bill due?
The install date is your billing date, you will receive an automated email with a PDF of your latest invoice with a link to the Customer Portal.

What are the total costs for a typical install?
There is no installation fee, no commitments, no contracts, and no rental fees! we only require the first month paid up front.

How and where do I pay?
You can pay via the Customer Portal with Visa, MasterCard, or direct bank withdrawal. We also have a down town office location open Monday to Saturday 8am to 4pm where you can pay cash, cheque, debit or Visa/MasterCard directly. We also have a 24 hour drop box at our Office  in down town Creston where you can deposit cash or cheque. We now offer the ability to be added as a payee at most major Canadian banks.

What if I forget to pay my bill?
You will be notified via an automated email 5 then 1 day(s) before your bill is due as a reminder. If you forget to pay your bill after that, your Internet access will be blocked and  redirected to the Customer Portal where you can make a payment. Your Internet will automatically re-enable once payment has been made.

What if the equipment/dish is faulty? Who pays? Who owns the equipment?
The Equipment is owned by Swift Internet, so if it breaks (not due to negligence), it will be replaced free of charge. Technology is always moving ahead. And so do we. All of our network hardware gets updated as needed. We are constantly changing our network to use the latest, cutting edge equipment to provide fast speeds, with reliable access for our customers. So dont be surprised when we call for an appointment for a free upgrade!

Are there any overage fees?
No, all our Internet packages have UNLIMITED data!

Can I put my account on hold for holidays?
Just send us an email with dates you want your Internet turned off and back on and we will accommodate you. There are no charges or connect/disconnect fees but the minimum disconnection duration is one month.

Is wireless the same as “satellite” Internet?
Wireless uses ground-based antennas to transmit data to your location. Also, satellite systems have higher “latency” (the time it takes data to travel between 2 points) since the data has to travel from your location up to the satellite 22,400 miles up and back down to the Internet, making streaming video and gaming very difficult to run at all.

Can I watch Netflix and YouTube, what about Skype or VOIP services?
Of course. Our High Speed Packages can all handle on-line video streaming and voice services. Refer to Pricing for details.

I already have email through another provider , will I get to keep it?
No, most providers will delete your e-mail when you leave them. We do not provide e-mail services. We will make sure every new customer has an online/free e-mail account (Hotmail, Gmail, ect…) before everything is setup.

Can I use torrent programs on your network?
Your connection is always on and always available. You may download as much as you wish. We just ask that you respect this offer and only use bandwidth that is required. However, we do recommend that if you are using file sharing utilities (torrent programs) that you turn off sharing with other users and be sure to close your program when you are not using it. File sharing left on can generate enormous amounts of bandwidth if not watched closely. In the unlikely event that we need to limit your connection to prevent security problems you will be notified.

Is it safe and secure?
Yes. We use encryption with stronger security than what is used by ADSL and most cable providers.
We also monitor the network to ensure that there are no problems. In the unlikely event of a virus or other security problem on the network, you may be contacted.  The biggest risk to users is attacks that originate from the Internet. We highly recommend that all users employ a virus scanner, spyware scanner, firewall and use safe browsing practices.

Can I get my own dedicated static IP address?
Yes. Upon request we can assign you your own dedicated IP address at no extra charge.

Can I use my own wireless router?
Yes, you can, we just ask that it be secured with a password so no one in your neighbourhood gains unauthorized access. If you do not own a wireless router, we provide one free with your installation.

Does Swift Internet monitor my connection?
Swift Internet does not monitor the content of your browsing at all.  We do have full historical data on ping/latency and signal strength of your equipment for diagnostic purposes.

How reliable is it?
With our redundant routes we can usually do hardware upgrades and repairs with very little downtime. This is due to our efforts to repair broken equipment in a timely and efficient manner.  All of our network is monitored 24 hours a day, and pro-actively maintained to give you the best service possible. We provide the reliability that you expect, from a company you can trust.

The Swift Internet network is a fully routed network that is redundant where possible. Our network is built with these safeguards:

  • Dual upstream providers who utilize different routes in and out of Creston BC.
  • Dynamic OSPF routing within our network to automatically route around problem areas (a tower going offline due to lightning or otherwise).
  • Battery backups with run-times greater than 48 hours on all tower sites.
  • 4 day battery backup to provide extended run-times on the major “ring” that makes up the backbone of Swift Internet’s network.

What are the total costs for a typical install?
There is no installation fee, no commitments, no contracts, and no rental fees! we only require the first month paid up front.

I’m not sure if my place has a good enough line of site because of trees. Are you sure I can get Internet?
In most cases, yes. Swift Internet will only do an installation if we’re 100% certain it will work. Contact Us to arrange for a free site survey.

Do I need to groom the foliage around my dish?
No need, all equipment on Swift Internet’s network is monitored very closely. The equipment (dish) on your house will notify Swift Internet Technicians should the signal level become unacceptable. We will then open a ticket and phone to make arrangements for a site visit to restore the signal quality.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us.