Refer a Friend – Save Money!

Get the people you care about connected to Swift Internet and save!

Bring your friends and family to Swift and receive up to 100% of your Internet bill, FOREVER!

Step 1

Refer friends and family to join Swift Internet.

Step 2

Receive 10% off of your monthly internet bill for EACH referral for as long as your referral is active. 

Step 3

Keep referring your friends and family and you can receive FREE internet service! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Satisfied Swift customers are our best ambassadors. Our referral program is a way for us to say “Thanks!” for the effort that you put into getting your friends and family the same positive Internet experience that you enjoy.

 Tell your friends and family about our service. When they sign up for our internet service, they have to mention your name as their referral. 

Yes! We are also offering an incentive for you to tell your friends and family about. When the people you refer become active customers, they receive their second month of service FREE! You both win!

For every successfully connected customer you refer, you will receive 10% off your current monthly bill. So, if you refer 10 customers, you will receive 100% off your bill. (FREE Internet!!!)

This isn’t just for a month or two. Your discounts will keep on going as long as you and your referrals stay customers!

We apply all discounts based on the package that you are on when you make a referral. If your monthly bill increases, your discount amount will not increase with it.

Each customer you refer is tracked in your account, so if they cancel their services, you will have the discounted 10% added back onto your monthly bill from that point forward. But there is a silver lining, if you get a new referral going, you will have a fresh discount applied to your account!

* Referral discounts are to a maximum of 100% of the account monthly Swift Internet bill. Discounts cannot be applied to other Swift services. Discounts are valid for as long as the referred account remains active. Referrals are not transferable to any other account. Cancellation of an account will permanently end any discounts associated with that account. The discount amount is based on the monthly bill at the time of the referral and will not increase with changes to account package or pricing. Past referrals do not qualify for this promotion. Promotion conditions are subject to change or cancellation at any time at the sole discretion of Swift Internet.