Commercial Wifi Solutions

Swift unleashes the full power of the Internet for businesses and their patrons.

Swift is the local expert in configuring commercial Wifi networks for security, performance and ease of use. Get us working for you today

Step 2) We visit your site, if needed, then design a practical, affordable Wifi network and operating plan

Step 3) You give the thumbs up and we source and install any needed equipment. If the plan needs to change, we get in touch.

Step 4) We train you to monitor and manage the system.

Step 5) We follow up to confirm your satisfaction!

From office settings to hotels, restaurants, campgrounds and mobile parks, Swift can do it all. Talk to us about:

  • Reducing commercial Wifi costs
  • Maximizing network performance
  • Understanding commercial Wifi network capabilities and limitations
  • Configuring indoor and outdoor Wifi networks
  • Defining usage privileges and limitations for different network users
  • Monitoring and restricting network usage
  • Setting per device bandwidth limits
  • Using an intuitive mobile app for powerful remote cloud management
  • Using insight into network usage to optimize configuration

Free Consult

We work with our clients to develop solutions that are right for you.Choosing to follow the plan is always up to you.

Custom Solutions

Whether you are looking for support with network setup, finetuning or ongoing management, Swift is here for you.

Seamless & Secure

Swift has a proven track record of configuring networks to deliver seamless coverage and the highest level of Wifi security.

Optimized & Affordable

We focus on optimizing networks to achieve the right balance of affordability, performance and ease of use.