Our Story

At Swift we are driven by passion for the technology and customer care that it takes to keep you connected.

At Swift Internet, we operate a state-of-the-art wireless Internet network. We use it to serve more than 2000 customers in the Creston Valley area from Moyie to Sanca.

We strive to keep pace with how families, entrepreneurs, and businesses use the Internet in every corner of our service area. Doing that means constantly upgrading our network with precision, efficiency, and an eye to the future. It also means offering you a great range of services and personalized customer support.

The recent launch of Swift TV is just one example of how we are always looking for more ways to serve you.

Swift Story

The Swift Internet story has humble roots. It is about one Creston Valley family’s commitment to bringing our friends and neighbours high-speed Internet service at a fair price with genuine care.

Swift was launched in 2012 by Kitt Santano – a Creston-born techie and family man. Kitt could see that there was no incentive for major telecom companies to connect especially rural communities to the Internet. Meanwhile, Kitt understood the special power that Internet connectivity can have for rural and remote families, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Since then, the Swift Internet network has grown from a single tower to a robust powerhouse of 50+ tower sites. Kitt has been joined at Swift by a dynamic team of dedicated professionals.

By investing our own resources, Swift has been able to attract local, provincial, and federal investments in developing the infrastructure that it takes to give communities access to high-speed Internet. Many pockets of the Creston Valley only have wireless access because Swift has stepped up.

We like to think that Swift’s success is mostly thanks to our relationships with the customers and communities we serve. We feel privileged to offer free service to many local community halls and non-profits. We feel proud of what our customers have to say about Swift. If you aren’t a Swift customer yet, we hope you’ll set up a call with someone from our team today.