Video Surveillance

From securing your home, to monitoring your business, Swift’s certified and licensed technicians deliver peace of mind.

Our team designs and installs custom IP video surveillance solutions. Get us working for you today.

You call us, fill out our online form or come visit the Swift Office.

We visit your site, if needed, then design a practical, affordable surveillance system installation and operating plan.

You give the thumbs up and we source and install the equipment.  If the plan needs to change, we get in touch.

We train you to monitor and manage the system.

We follow up to confirm your satisfaction!

We offer professional design, expert installation and dependable service for home and business IP video surveillance systems. All of our systems

  • Are self-managed with no monthly costs
  • Are easy to manage and monitor
  • Use low-profile, hard-wired cameras
  • Boast exceptional night vision
  • Can automatically alert you to motion, loss of signal
  • Support scheduled and motion triggered recording
  • Can be accessed by computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Are designed to be easily scaled up

Free Consult

Swift works with our clients to design solutions. Deciding to purchase and install the equipment is always up to you.

Custom Solutions

We know that no two situations are identical. We setup systems that are tailored to your needs and budget.

Expert Setup

Our technicians are certified and licensed to complete professional installations.


We make things affordable by designing user-friendly systems that you can manage yourself–even remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP camera is a digital video system that can transmit data over a network. These systems work with mobile devices so that you can view your surveillance feed from anywhere with an Internet connection. IP cameras capture footage in the same way as other digital cameras. They just transmit data differently. Your quality won’t be compromised with an IP camera—in fact, the resolution will be better!

In a traditional security system, data is sent through a cable to a digital video recorder(DVR). With an IP camera, the Internet is used to transmit the digital video. The unit contains everything it needs to do this. It’s connected to your network –just like a printer or other external equipment. Depending on your camera, the video might be stored in-unit or transmitted to a device known as a network video recorder (NVR).

For an IP surveillance system, you’ll need the actual IP cameras, DVR and NVR or other type of storage system. Accessories like microphones and speakers generally will come built into the cameras,so additional components will not be needed. Swift’s technicians can work with you to determine your needs and set you up with the best equipment for your budget.

The benefits of surveillance in general are too many to list. The ability to monitor your home or business in real-time and to retrieve and playback events by time, date or camera unleashes all kinds of ways to keep your premises safe and secure. IP surveillance systems in particular offer you many advantages that traditional CCTV systems can’t. Key perks include higher resolution video, easier installation and management, and better capabilities for the cost.

We find that our customers are generally surprised by just how affordable complete solutions can be. The systems that we design use high-quality, but cost-effective equipment and come with no monthly or other fees after installation.

We specialize in designing user-friendly systems that you can manage by desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. We will train you to monitor your camera feeds and manage your preferences using an intuitive app. Our customer care team will be a call away to help you troubleshoot system management.

Of course! We understand that being able to check on your home or business from a distance can be one of the main reasons to install a surveillance system. You will be able to monitor and manage your system from anywhere in the world where you can access the Internet.

Yes! We design systems using IP surveillance equipment that can be used inside, but that is also rugged enough to withstand our Canadian winters.

Will my system use all my bandwidth? The upload and download speeds needed and the amount of bandwidth that it will take to run your IP surveillance will depend on the setup. Factors like number of cameras, video resolution, recording settings and storage options will all impact your needs. Most systems can function on mid-speed Internet packages and can be setup to use relatively little bandwidth. Luckily, Swift Internet offers affordable packages that can support even a complex, multi-camera setup.

Surveillance DVR/NVRs will come back on as soon as power is restored. There are options to avoid this kind of interruption. We can recommend uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions, which provide a short period of backup power and also serve as a surge protection device. This will ensure that your video surveillance will still be online even if a break in the power supply is unnoticed.

Surveillance will continue as soon as your connection is restored. If you area Swift Internet customer, this should be a very rare issue. Swift proudly offers exceptionally reliable Internet access!